28 Days Of Time Travel

February - which appears to have arrived a little faster than expected - was the month I had assigned to temporarily abandon all other projects and get my act together to finish/rewrite the Doctor Who script I started far too long ago and 'put to one side'. At the start of the year it seemed like a good time to go back to it... and then that Capaldi guy handed in his notice earlier this week, so either a) it's the worst time ever with Mr Moffat leaving as well or b) it's the best time ever because we'll be looking at a clean(ish) sheet.

Coming back to it after far too long a break, I was pleased to find - unfinished as it was - the damn thing more than stood up for itself. It would be dumb in the extreme to write any detail of it here but regardless of something or nothing happening to it, if it gets finished and is as good as I think it is, that's going right there in the win column because there's nothing like a bit of positivity to keep the writing spirits afloat.

I haven't found many albums in recent weeks that fired me up too much. In fact it's been something of a audio graveyard out there - until yesterday when I came across All These Countless Nights from Deaf Havana. If you're looking for some an album that's written properly (i.e. doesn't run out of steam by track four) spend a few hours in their company - it's been time well spent around here.

More later... I have to confess, I am missing my iPhone (which is due back at the weekend) when it comes to posting here. I didn't realise quite how much I used it for keeping things updated. 

Sion Smith